3 Best Apple Marketing Strategies

Apple Marketing Strategies
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Apple Marketing Strategies is based on building trust and serve the best services to the customers with a quality product, Steve Jobs was one of the best marketing geniuses, apple products are a live example of that.

There are two best quotes from apple, which will change your vision about brands and products.

“Marketing is about values” – Steve Jobs

“Think Different”
In 1997 The Apple Company started a campaign and named it “Think different”. This campaign is one of the best Apple Marketing Strategies.

You can watch that advertisement here

There are many best strategies that we learned from this mega-brand of the world that is why apple is known as one of the great companies of this century.

Steve Jobs said that “Don’t Sell Products, Sell Dreams” and Yes this is true, It gives you more motivation
when you work for your dreams.

Marketing is not very difficult but you need to be patient,
When you work for your dream, you do what you love, do it and think different and add value, give your customers a quality product, Then the marketing will be easy.

If your product is not that good, so how can you do marketing, No one is here to buy non-valuable products.

Apple’s 2019 sale revenue was $1.3 Trillion; the revenue is the result of selling dreams, adding value and uniqueness.

I’ve never seen an advertisement of that brand in my life, not on TV or social media, this brand has become word of the mouth, and it is the best thing in the brand. You need to work very hard in the initial stages but when you did it you don’t need to book billboards of every product, else they introduced something new.

3 lesson that we learnt from Apple Marketing Strategies



3. Don’t Sell Products, Sell Dreams.

In the end “NEVER GIVE UP”, Remember that hard work pays off.

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