Top 5 sponsors in eSports industry.

Top 5 sponsors in eSports industry.

In the esports world, The David Walsh was the first esports player that Red bull contracted, This contract was signed into June 2006, after few years, The Red Bull Lan launched.

This company also sponsored Tempo Strom, Blizzard’s startcraft 2, Dota 2, f1 and many other games.

Red bull invested around 500+ millions in sponsoring esports industry’s events,  No doubt that Red Bull holds a great name and always be listed in top energy drinks, that is why it worth is 20 Billion + USD.

Red bull is the most responsive and sponsors hundreds of event till now.

Check out Redbull’s esports world

  • Intel

Intel, The giant tech company is always here to supports esports players, This Company is sponsoring esports events since 2002 and they always donate computers and 5G devices.

They always make player’s prize double by their devices.

Intel sponsored, Counter Strike Global Offensive, IEM, ESL1, Pro League, Intel Masters, ESL National Championship and many others.

Intel has also supported LPL, a China-oriented partnership since 2013.

To attract more students to esports industry, the intel company gives sponsorships to NSE – National Students eSports, This will encourage people to esports.

  • Honda

This Japanese car company with a net worth of over fifty billion USD began sponsoring esports last year.

Honda company also hosted esports events and big tournaments into Thailand.
They did partnership with Team liquid, this company also sponsored League of Legends.

  • Pepsi Mountain Dew

Mountain dew worths over $100 billion, Mountain is doing great in esports for 18 years, they are doing great in gaming world, This company achived good reputation in eSports, ESL made this company as official partner of ESL1 and IEM,
This company invested around $119+ million in esports advertisements.

  • Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola worth over $70 billion, This company is famous in League of Legends,
Coca-Cola did partnership with riot games, to host world view night in North America and Europe.
This company became the official drink of overwatch, It also sponsor, eNascar’s iRacing seris 2k19, while in 2020, reportedly inveted quite $5 million in electronic sports.

How to Create eSports Team or Organization?

How to create eSports team?

How to create a new eSports team?

We’ll give you easy plan to create a new esports team, If you are willing to start your own esports company, then just start it by now.
Make your first step today, and just never give up, all other things will be arranged by nature.
Just remember that “don’t lose your motivation”

Follow these steps for creating your own esports team or organization

Think big and Start from small.
Find a game just like niche.
Stay focus.
Find a proper name.
Create a website.
Start participating in tournament.
Try for sponsors.
Hire  eSports trainer.
Use streaming and social website for marketing.

Think big start small in esports business.

Don’t compare yourself to big companies, in start, learn lesson from them not to be them, you need to focus more and learn from their mistakes and apply it on your organazaiton/team.

Do mistakes as much as you want but don’t fear, mistake is the best teacher.

Find a game

Find a game that you are expert in, are you love to play. It’ll help you a lot, don’t go for trend, and make a trend.

Choose teammates wisely.

Yes, choose your teammates wisely, because if they quit, in a middle you’ll lose motivation and but if they did, all you need is to “never give up”

Find a proper name for your esports team

Find a name related to your gaming industry + some kind of futuristic sound.

Create a website for your esports organization/team

Create a simple and clean website, where you can put your teams profile links and everything, after some, you can launch your own e-commerce store at that website, you can print your team’s logo on cap, t-shirts, mugs, laptop skins are many more.

Start participating in tournament

Start with your city and country your living in, Start participating in tournament and start organizing them.

If you are not participating you must organize esports event, start from small.
Organizing events can easily build your esports community, you can organize easily if you are in university or in college, because you’ll find participates easily.

Try for sponsors.

After reaching some good audience you can go for sponsorship, It’ll help you grow much more, Don’t go for big sponsors in first, start with small.

Build a relation with sponsors, you’ll need them.

Hire a eSports trainer

Yes, you can also hire a esports trainer for better and professional gaming, You must hire a recent retired trainer for your team, that game be helpful for gaming and for your marketing too.

Use streaming and social website for marketing

Create a Telegram, Facebook, Twitter, instagram handle, post you every activity, and your thought.
Go for Youtube gaming, Facebook, Twitch for online streaming.
Do daily online streaming, Upload your daily best shorts in TikTok.
You’ll see massive progress.

Thanks for your time, and tell that what are the major problems that organization can face? Comment below.

How do esports teams make money

How do esports teams make money

How do esports teams make money

eSports has become the professional and serious business of this century, many investors got involved in this business now, even celebrities are buying teams and invested in major leagues and teams. Online games have no borders, you simply need a connection, and it connects you to the world of gamers, that’s the real things.

If you are having skills in any specific game you can easily become a professional player.
The technology makes it too easy, now you don’t need any TV channel to showcase your talent, you can easily use software or website to stream,
and there are more than 10 streaming platforms for eSports players. You can easily stream on,
TWITCH, YouTube, VK, Garena Live, GoodGame, and many others.

The basic income of esports is to win the tournament. It’s just like a traditional sports team does.
They can stream online and make money from that streaming too,

eSports teams makes money from:-



Many sponsors are connected to the esports team, Teams just have to put their logos or their t-shirts.
It can be a tournament or online streaming-related things. Teams just have to show their logos while playing, with sponsorship teams can make 70% to 80% revenue.


Once their name became a brand they sell or get into selling partners, Where they sell their products having their team logo on that.
Some teams get into the partnership and some started their own e-commerce store, where they can sell gaming gadgets and their own customized products.

Ticket Sales:

Like traditional sports, esports also make their good revenue from ticket selling, these revnue is divided into organizers and teams. More crowded, More Revenue.

Team and organizations make money from advertising other brands into their live events, Online or Offline.

Media Rights:

In media rights, Youtube and Twitch like companies, give money to the organization of the team, to stream their event on their platform, from that streaming revenue, Youtube and Twitch give some percentage to the organization.

Winning Prize:

It is the basic resource of revenue of eSports teams, You just need skillful players into your teams, to win millions of dollars. In 2021, The prize polls crossed over $50 million.

Richest eSports teams.

Many teams crossed over 100+

TSM: $410 million+ (

Cloud9: 350million+ (

Team Liquid: $310 million+ (

Faze Clan: $305 million+ (

100 Thieves: $190 million+ (

Everything about Esports Industry

esports industry and its future

1.Intro of esports industry

The word eSports stands for electronic sports or e-sports; you can’t compare eSports to Sports. In traditional sports mainly your everybody part is working and mind too, but in the eSports industry, it all depends upon only the mind and some fingers, These both fields depend upon passion, skill, and hard work with smart work.

Everyone is playing computer games these days, so they all are part of it, but when you play against people on the internet and earn some money from it and that thing makes you famous, people know as a celebrity, that thing is crazy and turns the table.

2.eSports Future.

Definitely electronic sports or eSports is game-changing and it is and it will be the best part of the future. Do you know that eSports touched 2 billion people; yes it is the fastest growing industry of the present time. eSports is giving careers to too many people around the world, Players are receiving a good amount of money, awards and sponsors, When there’s a talk of career and opportunity the future automatically connects to it.

3.eSports in Olympics.

Many sources are saying yes and many are saying not, So it is not confirmed that esports will be in the Olympics are not, but when we see growth and fame of it there is a lot of opportunity and countries to perform so there’s a chance of saying YES, for esports in Olympics. That’s my opinion. The event of League of Legends (LOL) 2020 World Championship’s watch hour was 139,000,000. It is the most-watched event in eSports history.

4. Top Games in eSports / Biggest games in eSports/

  • Counter-Strike: Global Offensive      $15,851,565.72 
  • Arena of Valor           $9,500,997.45    
  • Dota 2           $9,323,852.73    
  • Fortnite        $8,191,201.39    
  • League of Legends  $8,135,492.47    
  • Call of Duty: Modern Warfare            $6,318,672.00    
  • PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS Mobile          $6,187,727.95    
  • PLAYERUNKNOWN’S BATTLEGROUNDS         $5,071,127.92    
  • Overwatch  $5,058,996.00     353 Players        
  • Rainbow Six Siege            $5,015,764.30    
  • Hearthstone              $4,259,254.50    
  • Call of Duty: Warzone            $2,825,407.12    


5. Top companies

6. Top Sponsors.
  1. INTEL.
  2. HONDA.
  8. IBM
  9. BMW.

7. Celebrities in eSports

  1. Will Smith
  2. Michael Jordan
  3. Drake
  4. Mike Tyson
  5. Sean ‘P Diddy’ Combs
  6. Steph Curry
  7. Kevin Durant
  8. Odell Beckham Jr
  9. Ronaldo
  10. Shaquille O’Neal
  11. Zlatan Ibrahimović

8. eSports industry’s coaches

Just like our traditional sports, esports players are being trained and they have coaches and doctors too.

Danny “ZONIC” Sorensen, also won the best coach of the year 2020. He’s CS GO coach. You can check out nominees and other winners on

        9. biggest revenue gernating country from esports?

 China is on the first number, 2020. The revenue that they generated from esports is $40.85 BILLION after that there’s United States who generates around $37 BILLION.

     10. How can you join esports industry.






Remember if you are good at gaming then start creating your fan base using social media, start youtube gaming, facebook gaming and twitch platforms, I bet you the opportunity will knock out for you, but first you need to level up yourself.

12. eSports tournaments earning sources.

Esports tournmanets also earn traditional esports in mainy factors.

They earn from sponsorships, advertising, winning tournaments, tickets selling, merchandise and from streaming/media rights.

13.Are colleges are giving scholarships for esports industry?

Yes it is 100% true that colleges are giving esports player scholarships and many colleges are sponsoring there students too.

14.eSports passport.

P1 Visas are given to the esports player. (US) If you want to know there requirements you can check out this for more information

15. Top 15 athelets of eSports industry.

  •         Player ID              Player Name      Total (Year)         Total (Overall)   % of Total
  •         DrNykterstein   Sven Magnus Carlsen     $510,586.52        $590,719.96        86.43%
  •         Adou         Jiang, Tao            $484,965.73        $517,481.85        93.72%
  •         NuanYang               Lin, Heng             $484,965.73        $509,321.62        95.22%
  •         ShenRen Ma, Tengfei        $484,965.73        $509,321.62        95.22%
  •         QianShi    Zhou, Kuan         $484,965.73        $491,595.73        98.65%
  •         ShiJiu        Chen, Runzhi     $484,965.73        $491,595.73        98.65%
  •         Clayster   James Eubanks $383,325.00        $1,138,646.68     33.66%
  •         C6              Ian Porter            $368,200.00        $1,188,159.47     30.99%
  •         iLLeY      Indervir Dhaliwal              $358,625.00        $403,428.33        88.89%
  •         Shotzzy    Anthony Cuevas-Castro                $351,625.00        $605,150.00        58.11%
  •         Huke           Cuyler Garland  $347,375.00        $655,352.25        53.01%
  •         Hikaru      Hikaru Nakamura             $329,644.58        $396,367.50        83.17%
  •         PVDDR      Paulo Damo da Rosa       $300,000.00        $337,800.00        88.81%
  •         Cellium    McArthur Jovel $256,550.00        $388,823.93        65.98%
  •         XingY         Li, Yuhao              $251,377.93        $264,637.93        94.99%


  • 1.            United States                    $21,944,797.35  4390 Players
  • 2.            China                                  $17,046,114.82    825 Players
  • 3.            Korea, Republic of Korea              $9,132,595.45     893 Players
  • 4.            France                                   $4,488,827.81    879 Players
  • 5.            Brazil                                      $4,371,496.64    881 Players
  • 6.            Russian Federation                  $4,304,499.24            795 Players
  • 7.            United Kingdom                       $3,941,262.33             699 Players
  • 8.            Denmark                               $3,807,414.14   334 Players
  • 9.            Germany                                    $3,494,955.26              976 Players
  • 10.          Canada                                                 $3,216,034.69     584 Players
  • 11.          Thailand                                 $2,527,517.57   519 Players
  • 12.          Sweden                                               $2,498,611.78     445 Players
  • 13.          Australia                                        $1,958,723.65           648 Players
  • 14.          Japan                                             $1,760,237.17            506 Players
  • 15.          Poland                                       $1,716,986.80                480 Players
  • 16.          Taiwan, Republic of China Taiwan   $1,662,847.80  254 Players
  • 17.          Finland                                           $1,607,993.79           291 Players
  • 18.          Ukraine                                          $1,239,205.08           219 Players
  • 19.          Netherlands                                       $1,182,267.59     298 Players
  • 20.          Norway                                   $1,157,082.37  180 Players


Player                                Subscribers           Views                    Earnings

  • PewDiePie                          105 Million          20 Billion              15 Million
  • VanossGaming                  25.1 Million         12.3 Billion           7.3 Million
  • Markiplier                           26 Million             13.35 Billion        17.5 Million
  • Ninja                                      23.6 Million        2.23 Billion           500,000
  • Jacksepticeye                    24.1 Million         12.8 Billion           30 Million
  • DanTDM                              23.2 Million         16.8 Billion           18.5 Million
  • KSI                                         9.61 Million          7 Billion               4.91 Million
  • SSSniperWolf                     20.6 Million         3 Billion               11 Million
  • W2S                                       15.3 Million         4.5 Billion             48,000
  • Syndicate                            9.79 Million         2 Billion                 110,000
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