How do esports teams make money

How do esports teams make money

How do esports teams make money

eSports has become the professional and serious business of this century, many investors got involved in this business now, even celebrities are buying teams and invested in major leagues and teams. Online games have no borders, you simply need a connection, and it connects you to the world of gamers, that’s the real things.

If you are having skills in any specific game you can easily become a professional player.
The technology makes it too easy, now you don’t need any TV channel to showcase your talent, you can easily use software or website to stream,
and there are more than 10 streaming platforms for eSports players. You can easily stream on,
TWITCH, YouTube, VK, Garena Live, GoodGame, and many others.

The basic income of esports is to win the tournament. It’s just like a traditional sports team does.
They can stream online and make money from that streaming too,

eSports teams makes money from:-



Many sponsors are connected to the esports team, Teams just have to put their logos or their t-shirts.
It can be a tournament or online streaming-related things. Teams just have to show their logos while playing, with sponsorship teams can make 70% to 80% revenue.


Once their name became a brand they sell or get into selling partners, Where they sell their products having their team logo on that.
Some teams get into the partnership and some started their own e-commerce store, where they can sell gaming gadgets and their own customized products.

Ticket Sales:

Like traditional sports, esports also make their good revenue from ticket selling, these revnue is divided into organizers and teams. More crowded, More Revenue.

Team and organizations make money from advertising other brands into their live events, Online or Offline.

Media Rights:

In media rights, Youtube and Twitch like companies, give money to the organization of the team, to stream their event on their platform, from that streaming revenue, Youtube and Twitch give some percentage to the organization.

Winning Prize:

It is the basic resource of revenue of eSports teams, You just need skillful players into your teams, to win millions of dollars. In 2021, The prize polls crossed over $50 million.

Richest eSports teams.

Many teams crossed over 100+

TSM: $410 million+ (

Cloud9: 350million+ (

Team Liquid: $310 million+ (

Faze Clan: $305 million+ (

100 Thieves: $190 million+ (

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