Open a Home Service Car Wash in Small Investment

Home Service Car Wash
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You’ll learn everything about Home service car wash or Car wash business from home, with a small investment.
We have taken efforts in this blog. However, it would not have been possible without the kind support and help of many individuals and organizations. We would like to extend our sincere thanks to all of them.

Home Service Car Wash is a service station that deals in-vehicle services such as body wash, complete detailing, glass coating, paint correction and sealant, and complete car wash which is designed to develop & boost up the interest regarding car care or maintenance of vehicles of our customers.
Home Service Car Wash is a physical entity as well as it provides services through a mobile application on the customers ‘Door step’ whether it is an office parking lot or home, Home Service Car Wash will always be there to entertain their customers regarding car care,
in the mean rush hours of a busy day. As people are busier in their lives as they don’t have any time for their social life and their important works, so you can introduce the application that is used for a car wash that brings services for the people at their place for their convenience.
Automobile spa solution/ Home Service Car Wash will help people to wash their car at your home or any other place.

Mission and Vision
Goals, Objectives, Benefits, Services Offered
Types of equipment
Industry Growth
Marketing plan & Target market
SWOT Analysis
SWOT Analysis of Competitors
Marketing Mix
Branding Strategy
Product Category
Micro and Macro environment
Feasibility Analysis
Market Analysis Summary
Market Segmentation

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Mission Statement and Vision Statement as a Home Service Car Wash

Mission Statement:

Your Mission statement is: To provide services regarding car detailing which protect your customer’s car from all the unwanted pollution and dirt.

Vision Statement:

Your Vision statement is: To become a leading car detailing brand nationwide and to be the satisfied brand for your customer.

Goals, Objectives, Benefits, Services Offered
as a home service car wash


The basic agenda for this business is to provide the services at your doorsteps with satisfaction and the goals for your service are to provide the services at the doorsteps and provide you complete satisfaction and save your time in your busy life.


There are currently very few other companies or organizations that provide car wash services at doorsteps. The market is quite new in terms of doorstep service and involves quite a big open field to rise to the top as the best cash detailing service at the doorstep. All the locals of the country who want any portable access to the automobile service will be able to access it on their smartphones.


The benefit of home service car wash is that people can avail themselves of this service at their homes, offices and anywhere they want. Secondly, they can save their precious time and their energy and they use that time and energy in some other productive work. Furthermore, businesswomen and housewives who have problems going to the physical service station due to the privacy issue can easily avail your services at their doorstep.

Services Offered

Exterior Services:

In this, you will provide complete exterior services like detailing, paint correction, and all thing that’s a matter for the exterior look and to make your customer’s car look more elegant and marvelous from the outside.

Interior Services:

Interior services contain all the work like cleaning the carpets, washing all the seat covers, and providing a new look to customer’s car dashboard.

Engine Cleaning and Dressing:

Cleaning engine and remove the unnecessary grease and dust from cutomer’s car engine and changing the engine oil.

Types of equipment

Equipment used in home service car wash business

Car wash equipment

Pressure washer, low-pressure washer, vapor steamer, Paint correction, Buffers, Polishers

Interior Cleaning

Cleaning and deodorizing equipment, heated extractor, Tornador air purging equipment, Ozone generator.


Brushes, Toyouls, Chemical storage, Applicators

Added Value Profit Centers

Paint chip repair, Headlight restoration, Plastic trim restoration, Glass repair, Vinyl, and leather repair, Carpet dying, Odor removal, Window tinting.

Industry Growth

So by this analysis more vehicles are coming into the market similarly more women drivers/owners are growing rapidly into the market, therefore, the demand of yyour business can also grow.

There are two dropbacks.

One is those people who wash their vehicles by themselves and others are those who hire a person to wash their cars.
But still, most of them prefer to take their vehicles to car washes at least once a month.

Marketing plan

The marketing plan will vary from season to season throughout the year. The important issues of the plan include the following items.

  • The development of the business will ensure the presence on social media.
  • Creating an attractive brand logo and brand name to attract the customer towards yyour business.
  • Develop a plan for months to the quarterly basis for the face-to-face meeting from the owners of the automobile-related business,
    so that you will aware that how you will help each other to generate revenue.

Target market
of home service car wash

The target market that you need to focus on is the vehicle owners who have the potential to utilize your services.
Your business will help them to keep their vehicles clean and shiny. Furthermore, you need to break your markets into small segments through this you can provide a variety of services to the different segments.
These segments include people who restore a classic automobile, people who drive old cars and run them through the car wash occasionally, people who own luxury vehicles, truck drivers, and bike owners.
Then you need to develop profiles of your customers either they can avail of your services or not. You need to identify the potential buyers of your services.

Moreover, According to our research,
we can easily say that people are more interested in avail car detailing services at their doorstep and peoples are feeling secure to avail online car detailing services.

Your Competitors in home service car wash business

According to the survey and by taking the interviews from the people who running car service station we can say that our competitors are those who are running the service station at petrol pumps and locally. The gap you are filling in this is the business-based car wash service station which is easily accessible or it is a good choice for the women driver as per your region according to our survey.

For the competitive analysis some of the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors. You will look for the prior strategies bout how they tackle the good or bad situation.

SWOT Analysis


Your strength is that you are filling the gap of the specific market in which you are going to start your business, which is car service to the doorsteps. You are saving the time of the people and bringing the service to their home and make the people attract towards the business.


The opportunity you identify is that the unique business-based car wash service, as you are filling the gap in the market and providing the service at the doorstep. You can also move your business to other countries if you face some fame and demand from the people. You can also collaborate with some automobiles company and work with them in the market.

SWOT Analysis of Competitors

Strengths: Their strengths are that they especially target the petrol pumps with their will pricing strategy. They have the complete instrument like lifter and pressure pumps which are available usually for any individual that he uses it at his home.

Weakness: They are bound with their only physical existence and they are not expanding their services online but the era is completely captured by technology.

Opportunity: Their opportunity is relying on their customer’s satisfaction and honesty with their brand or services.

Threat: Threat for their businesses are us as you are doing unique thing in the car wash service and hope to attract consumers towards your business base service station.

Marketing Mix


For the promotions of your home service car wash business, you have to create awareness among your target consumers to create demand in the market, you need to have several strategies to introduce your services in the competitive market, which are as following;

  • Through advertisements in the electronic media.
  • Make use of printing media.
  • Through collaboration with social media celebrities
  • Run campaigns on social media.

By doing marketing through collaboration with multiple car showrooms, automobile industries, etc.


In your business, you focus on the price penetrating strategy at the beginning to gain customer attraction towards your services you will going to charge less price from the customers because it’s a little bit a new service in the market.

Physical Evidence:

The physical evidence of your home service car wash business is that the uniform which your employees and the physical entity you use and the machinery which for your service or the color as the logo which is going to attract the customers so that people come more and more to avail the services and all the benefits you are providing to your customers.


Employee satisfaction is one of the key mottoes of your startup, for achieving that you will introduce some unique activities in which they can avail of some pretty bonuses including their stipends. You also hire some experienced and skillful employees that will be for this specific purpose.

Branding Strategy of home service car wash

Brand Positioning:

You will more focus on the quality of the service rather than its price. You will provide the service in a way that customers would be satisfied and be more loyal to the service you provide and for this, you will take the price which will be affordable for all the targeted customers.

Brand Name:

Automobile Spa Solution.

Brand Sponsorship: It is a private brand as you will own that home service car wash business so all the things would be upon you and all the investment would be upon you as it is your own private business. All the sponsorship depends upon you that how you will take care of that in the future for the business

Learn more about branding strategy

Product Category

As your brand name, as youll as the product category, is new, therefore, it falls in the category of new brands. You will be managing your brand through;


To come to the top of consumer’s minds, your business will be advertised through traditional and online mediums. In particular, TV and Billboards will be promoting your business initially for developing brand awareness and brand equity. Moreover, online mediums like Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube ads will also be sponsored. You will also contact the automobile-related business for marketing purposes and collaborate with them to increase your revenues.

Word of mouth:

To ensure the development of the desired positioning of your brand, you will be encyouraging your audience on social media to remain connected and to share their experiences. Moreover, they will be responded to instantly to improve their overall experience by making it a service that will satisfy your customers.

Micro and Macro environment


Those factors which directly affects company`s way of working in a particular country is called microenvironment. As for your service which is an business-based car wash service and as it`s launching for the first time these are some of the factors which are going to effects the product directly.


This service is for every group and gender; with that, it can be easily afforded by anyone. So, if you look at the demographic they will not have a very big impact on your service is for those who can afford a car and do not have time to wash their car so you have an easy way to wash their car and save their precious time.


Companies success lies in the economic condition of a country, if a country is having a good economy then people will be willing to pay more and save less, as a company it would be very important that launching a new service when there is a rise in the economy.


As you are the only company and have the technology to produce your new service system and machines are of the latest tech and you are promoting your services by the very best of the marketing way, you think that your competitors will not be able to achieve this new services in the coming future and because of this, you think this will not affect in any way.

Feasibility Analysis:

Service Feasibility:

Car Cleaning at home is going to make sense regarding car cares because of its efficient time management services to their customers. Furthermore, as per your survey through a questionnaire, you examine that your actual and potential customers show interest in your services. Customers show desirability as you’ll as demand for your service because of the shortage of time-period and their busy schedule.

Industry & Target Market Feasibility: 

home service car wash concentrated on every aspect of industries its newly structured business, it will surely be going to grow rather than shrinking because it’s one of the unique service business going to launch in the market with its unique services as per your services which is detailing or body wash at your doorstep, as there are millions of cars in the city of lights and people there are busier in their daily life and didn’t have much time for these kinds of odd works, so through your business, they are going to save their time as you as energy at the same time.
Car wash service having a huge market and it’s surely a going business, and for your uniqueness in the business, you will surely going compete in the market.

Organizational Feasibility:

In Automobile spa Solution you will be going to hire employees as per their expertise and skills which will be determined in these services, through this you will going to provide complete satisfaction to your customers and the resyources you are going to need sufficient machinery and some handy amount of capital to start and run the business. You need competent management for your business to maintain a highly cooperative business environment and to keep motivated the employees for a better outcome.

Market Segmentation

Home Service Car Wash segments its customers by type of car ownership. You believe that the type of car that a person owns says volumes about their driving, and, therefore their car washing and detailing requirements.

New car owners:

Owners of new cars are most likely to use a hand car washing service. These owners take great pride in their cars and will bring them often to the wash and detail service. The goal with these customers is to promote regular use of the wash and detail service. The aim is to inform these customers that the Automobile spa solution will keep their car looking as good as it did the day they drove it off the lot.

Older luxury car owners:

These people have either owned their high-end luxury cars for several years or are unable to afford the expense of a new luxury car but want the feel of relaxed driving. Both of these groups want to keep their cars in the best shape possible. Those who have bought second-hand cars will often spend many hours in their cars and will place high importance on keeping their cars looking good. These owners will bring their cars in for regular washes and occasional details.

Sports car owners:

 These people are often younger or middle-aged men and will regard the look of their car as important. They will also pride themselves on the look of their car and will have their car hand washed (at least) weekly. These drivers will have occasional detail, but will keep their cars so clean the detail will not be necessary very often.

Lifetime owners:

Many of these people have owned their cars for more than five or six years, and are more likely to be women. They are attached to their cars as friends and though it may be more sensible for them to purchase a new car, they will bring their car in for a wash occasionally, just when the car is dirty. They like their cars to look presentable, and want to keep them in good shape but are not tied up in the look of their car. For this reason, they will not have a detail carried out on their car unless they are selling it.


There are five new and used car dealerships within three miles of the proposed location of the automobile spa solution. These dealerships often use outside car wash services to detail their vehicles before they are put up for sale. Besides, there are fifteen other car dealerships within a seven-mile radius of automobile spa solution

Local businesses:

Some local businesses have fleets of cars and small vans that must be kept clean to maintain their company image. These businesses will be looking for a cost-effective, efficient car washing service to perform this service, and will prefer to use a car wash service during the week rather than during weekends, like the general public.

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