How to Start a Tshirt Business from Home with No Money

How to start tshirt printing business with no money

How to Start a Tshirt Business: Starting a t-shirt business or any product printing business as an entrepreneur is a very cool move, This business is something that we can say different from others, it will boost up your creativity and teaches you that how to make a quality product and its marketing, Seriously it’ll make your creative and wide your vision, many entrepreneurs start from t-shirts and then move further like they create customized gifts, customized products by an event like any new year, valentine’s day. People love to see their names of mugs/cups, leather jackets, and P-Caps. You can also offer packing materials like shopping bags and packing materials. Everything in the world customized, without colors, there is nothing let’s focus on it, This simple lesson will clear all your doubts in just five minutes.

I will give you 3 ways to make your T-shirt printing business possible, just in a few days having no experience and you can easily do it from home.


In first, we’ll discuss printing with machines, and how they work.

In a second step, we’ll discuss how we can get vendor and start doing business for free.

In the third step, I’ll give you a website from where you can easily talk to them and use them as your vendor.

There are three basic printing types in the printing market,

  • Sublimation Printing.
  • Digital Printing.
  • Screen Printing.

How to Start a Tshirt Business with SUBLIMATION PRINTING:           

You can do sublimation printing at home too, the sublimation print is the cheapest and easy and it’s affordable too, even its machines. Sublimation transfer image by just simple heat pressing, you just need a special paper sheet and machine and yes if you are going for sublimation machine printing or any printing option then please don’t go for simple color printing you need 5 or 6 color printers it works good and gave you the best image quality, simple color printing machines work fine, but you may lose your clients.
Sublimation printing lasts for 20-30 washes; it may long last if your printing paper and the quality of the t-shirt are good. I experienced it.



How to Start a Tshirt Business with DIGITAL PRINTING:

Digital printing machines are larger, you can’t do that into the house as easy as sublimation printing, The digital printing prints directly and it doesn’t need any plates or anything, Digital printing is easy to use and the thing which makes digital printing different from other is that it does not take too much time to print, It is faster than many of that traditional printings, you just need a material that where do you want to print, Like Business cards, Office stationery, Letterhead anything like that, and yes you can print fabric too, It’s beneficial if your print is into quantity.

The digital machine costs you from $5000 to nearly $200,000 and if you are going for advance production, it will cost you more than $20,000 to $200,000

How to Start a Tshirt Business with SCREEN PRINTING:

Screen printing has its own history it comes from the late 1800s and till now it is the best in printing, it is just like we say “old is gold” but in these days it has become an advanced process, from using of advanced fabrics to the advanced machinery, It can be printed on everything even on the leather too. Screen Printing uses a woven mesh screen that supports an ink-blocking stencil that produces your image. Lanyards and balloons are also printed by this method. Screen printing is prints high quality and yes it is better than sublimation and digital. At the start, you need labor too for that printing or you need to join someone who can teach you. The screen printing gives you the best, softer, and lasts longer.


What’s best for startup? (Low cost and outstanding quality/benefits)

The answer is sublimation printing.

  • Good quality, if you use good fabric and excellent paper it’ll make better.
  • Lasts permanently if you don’t use any heat/iron on that sticker
  • Easy to use, you can start printing from home with this machine.
  • You can print mugs, caps, t-shirts/fabric, and plates.
  • No Labor.

Don’t get confused between these options, if you are new in this t-shirt printing business you need to go for sublimation printing, There’s a machine in sublimation printing which print 5 things at once if you are creative enough you can easily print more products easily into very low cost, You can print t-shirts, Mugs, Plates, P-Caps easily. You don’t need any labor in this you just need basic guidelines just go to YouTube you’ll see lots of ideas and “how to print” videos on the sublimation method.

How to Start a Tshirt Business & HOW TO CONNECT WITH VENDORS (0% Investment)

How to Start a Tshirt Business with 0% investment, Now there’s a second way if you are not in a mood to buy any machinery and are just testing the marketing of printing. It’s kind of like Dropshipping.

Recently I earned a good amount of money by these simple steps & I didn’t buy any machine or any website for my printing business. Yes, it is a complete 0% investment. Follow these simple steps that I’m going to tell you to start a t-shirt business or t-shirt printing business and yes, you can also start this from home. This step is very simple and money-saving, you just need communication skills and need to know how to negotiate for a deal, Just focus and follow every step that I’m going to tell you. 101% you’ll earn into this business.

Create network/contacts in market, who is printing or selling t-shirts,

Create links/contact with those people who are already doing this business.

Search for the best person in the market who gives the lowest price, tell them you’ll bring some order to him, and now negotiate and fix the deal. If they gave you 3 USD price per product now you can easily sell and earn some profit on it, you can sell it for 4 USD or 5 USD? Don’t go for a double profit.

Now we can say your shop is ready, somehow?

But it’s time to bring some customers for printing business, and yes you can do this from home too.

After dealing with vendors, there are some steps that’ll bring you good traffic for your printing business,

Create a Facebook page with a creative name, add some customized products photos to it, you can use free images by or there are many other royalty-free images on the internet, after creating this share it with your friends or if you are in the mood, then create an exceptional looking post and give a boost and please don’t go for over boosting, the first test that into your city then go further if you made your first order then go for it.

Make flyers and give them to people who are working in offices/food business, in offices they need customized office gadgets, they need mugs, notebooks or laptop back cover, and in some events like CSR they need customized T-shirts too with their company logo on it.

From home, Simple is that to connect with some Facebook groups of printing services, at their many people are posting daily for printing their products, make some proper office deal for offices or food businesses, every day there’s someone’s startup. You can customize mugs, pens, cards, and office gadgets for them, but you must give them a good deal. You can name it all-in-one where all office-related accessories are there. You can hire a delivery man or you can do it for yourself.

In Simple,

  • Find a vendor from your local city
  • If they gave you 3USD per product price, you can sell it for 4 or 5 USD
  • Search for a client on social media or hit up offices near you
  • Hire delivery man or do it for your self

If you didn’t find any good vendor in your town, you can hit these guys, they were my partner too.


The third step is just like the second one, but it makes your dealing with the vendors very easy.

You can search for vendors online, there are many who are offering business to business (B2B) online, This method can also save your time, You just need some marketing that’ll get you some order and then you can easily approach these guys and get your customer’s order done from them.







Before starting you just need to research on your target market, Your customer are the main source of your advertising, so do research and go for your local areas first, search for offices, colleges, organizations, food businesses or any business who need their logos printed on products, every business need advertising and that is why everyone need customized products with their business logos on it, Create a price list of your products and sample, and knock some businesses around you, many of them will already into deal with printing shops, so you need to give some better quality from them and into good price, while showing them your price list and products, let them talk further about that, and start discussing order fulfillment, what service do you they like, start telling them how fast you can deliver, and you can also ask them about your pricing that what they think, You can also offer them a free product, like with 10 t-shirts we offer 2 mugs free or something better, that down your competitor, let me tell you more about special offer. The printing business is competitive, and it is very important to do something creative and unique, with market research, it is also important to research your competitor’s search for weaknesses of your competitor too.


There are some marketing tips in this niche that may boost your monthly sales.

  • Print t-shirts with MEMES, Trending News, and Celebrity.
  • Print some quotes.
  • Print something that can easily seek the attention of people in public.
  • Give discounts and special offers to customers, to create a good connection with your customers it’s very necessary.
  • Do free giveaways after some success. It will make a positive image for the public.
  • Create videos on YouTube and TikTok.
  • Do vehicle advertisements in your local area. It will increase your brand visibility.



The first one is to touch that shirt, if shirts feel chunky then its quality is bad and if it feels soft, then go for the next round, put that shirt into the front of the light it will show you the density of the fabric of that t-shirt if you see some transparency, if it shows transparency it means there is less dense fabric, the more transparency more low-quality the fabric is, it’s the basic and simple method that can’t be cheated, Yes but in softness they cheat, They coat t-shirts with some chemical that makes that t-shirts look soft and after some washes, it becomes rough and tiny dots on that material.


It’s very simple just take a shirt and stretch it if printing image is making some cracks then the print will not last longer, it must look proper when you stretch that shirt, also check it by touching that print, too much thickness of printing can turn into the cracking, as I told you before use a better quality of the fabric, the cheaper fabric will also result into cracks, before printing clean your product wisely, also take care of the quality of your color too. Don’t accept any low-quality image from customer/client because it will not give you the quality after printing it will look very dull and dull in sharpness and colors, only accept high-quality images from your customers/clients, when you are doing sublimation method makes sure every position of the image is perfect after that give that a press, Sublimation images can be blurry sometimes check it before delivering your products.

What we learnt?

There are three types of main printing machines: sublimation printing, digital printing, screen printing. Don’t get confused sublimation with a heat press or digital to offset printing, we got you the best, after deciding on printing method if you have budgeted you can start with sublimation which will cost you very low like under $500, and then if you are not investing and you just want to start it from zero then the second and third option is the best way to start your printing business and be an entrepreneur without investment, In second option we discussed that to get the vendor from the local area and in third option, we get mentioned some website that will give you service as your vendor from home, you just need to advertise your business and get things printed and delivered by those or you can deliver it by yourself if you are going to check our printing quality and fabric quality of product, checking before delivery it a very good step to do in a startup, then you just need to research about your local area and research on your competitor we have discussed some techniques of marketing. In the end, we learned how to check t-shirt quality in a very simple and easy way.

Some stuff you need to buy, That’ll make your printing business more profitable



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