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luxury nails


It sounds strange for many when we listed nails in luxury, but it is the reality now a day’s nails are the part of art, and luxury brands.

People are making these by painting or sticking logos of luxury brands on nail art. There are many stickers online that you can found and place it on your nail that makes your nails looks more branded.

Naturally there are seven types of shapes in nail,

Square shape, Squoval Shape, Round shape, Oval Shape, Almond shape, Coffin Shape, Stiletto Shape,

History and brands of Nail Polish

The history of nail polish is from 3200 earlier, Women are into the fashion from ancient time.

There are many kit and make up canister are found into the ancient Egypt, Women of ancient time used to make lipstick from water and clay mixed,

In Moen Jo Daro, which is located in Sindh, Archaeologists found makeup jars, and Moen Jo Daro is roughly 5000-6000 years old.

The Cutex launched the liquid nail polish in 1911; This Company is great in nail care products and their main products are related to nails, after 1911 they further focus nail related products like, liquid nail polish, nail tints, removers etc.

You can visit their website here, 

Gucci’s Luxury Nails in Golden Color.

Poker Nail Art, 8 Sheets,

Luxury Nails Stickers in Leopards and Snake Style.




SEACRET Minerals from the Dead Sea,
Nail Care Kit Collection with Cuticle Oil,
Nail File, Nail Buffer Block and Body Lotion.

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