Top 5 sponsors in eSports industry.

Top 5 sponsors in eSports industry.

In the esports world, The David Walsh was the first esports player that Red bull contracted, This contract was signed into June 2006, after few years, The Red Bull Lan launched.

This company also sponsored Tempo Strom, Blizzard’s startcraft 2, Dota 2, f1 and many other games.

Red bull invested around 500+ millions in sponsoring esports industry’s events,  No doubt that Red Bull holds a great name and always be listed in top energy drinks, that is why it worth is 20 Billion + USD.

Red bull is the most responsive and sponsors hundreds of event till now.

Check out Redbull’s esports world

  • Intel

Intel, The giant tech company is always here to supports esports players, This Company is sponsoring esports events since 2002 and they always donate computers and 5G devices.

They always make player’s prize double by their devices.

Intel sponsored, Counter Strike Global Offensive, IEM, ESL1, Pro League, Intel Masters, ESL National Championship and many others.

Intel has also supported LPL, a China-oriented partnership since 2013.

To attract more students to esports industry, the intel company gives sponsorships to NSE – National Students eSports, This will encourage people to esports.

  • Honda

This Japanese car company with a net worth of over fifty billion USD began sponsoring esports last year.

Honda company also hosted esports events and big tournaments into Thailand.
They did partnership with Team liquid, this company also sponsored League of Legends.

  • Pepsi Mountain Dew

Mountain dew worths over $100 billion, Mountain is doing great in esports for 18 years, they are doing great in gaming world, This company achived good reputation in eSports, ESL made this company as official partner of ESL1 and IEM,
This company invested around $119+ million in esports advertisements.

  • Coca-Cola

Coca-Cola worth over $70 billion, This company is famous in League of Legends,
Coca-Cola did partnership with riot games, to host world view night in North America and Europe.
This company became the official drink of overwatch, It also sponsor, eNascar’s iRacing seris 2k19, while in 2020, reportedly inveted quite $5 million in electronic sports.

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