What is the Fitness Test and Mental Illness?






What is the Fitness Test.

Measuring Weight, Temperature, Pulse and Blood Pressure, and in some cases, alcohol tests, drug tests, vision tests, stamina, and psychological test are known as fitness tests.

Like every subject’s needs tests and then points, fitness test is also like that, a good point will result in good fitness or health, Fitness test is also known as Physical test. If you are physically fit that is known as fitness.
 There are many ways to test your fitness, and there are many things that harm your fitness. There are many things to avoid because health is wealth, to stay fit, please don’t drink or smoke too much.
 These kinds of things are giving you the taste for a while but these things are harming your many body parts forever.

Our team always tries to motivate people to get their life better and free, we’re to give food to your brain.
Testing your fitness is the great way to stay healthy, There’s not only physical fitness that makes your life better but there is mental fitness too, the mental fitness is also the most important part of your fitness, If you think negative about something, The things will get wrong but if you feel  positive then everything will be great. It works like gratitude; you attract things by your thought. 
Like you select you room color, car, clothes etc, Fitness is one of them.

What are physical fitness tests

Physical fitness test is the way you can test your whole body’s fitness.

1. Heart Rate Test

You can easily test your heart rate manually, and it’s the best and easiest way to check your heartbeat at any place.
So put your pointer finger and middle finger on the left wrist, just below the thumb, you’ll feel a pumping vein out there.
Now count beats that you feel in 15 seconds, after counting that multiply that 4 times, to get 60 Seconds (1minutes estimation) 15×4=60

So if your heart beats 25 in 15 seconds, that heart beat is equal to 100.
That means that your heart beats 100 times in 60 seconds, this things is also known as beat per Minute (BPM)

You can also check your heart rate by Carotid artery; it is present just below your jawbone.
You can put pointer finger and middle finger at their, and use same method as we told.

There are several machines too; you can easily check your heart rates.

There are blood pressures machine and smart phone apps too. I don’t know if apps can measure as better as machines do.

2. Diabetes Test

There are many ways to test diabetes.

A1C Test, Fasting Blood Sugar Test, Glucose Test and some other,
in the end result, it show diabetic level 1 or 2.

There are many sugar level testing devices that people can use and test their blood sugar level at home, within 30 SECS.

Other physical and fitness tests are muscular endurance, body composition, flexibility, stamina and vision.

What is physical fitness test for army and Physical fitness test US Marine Corps (USMC)

The United States Army Test is having 3 stages, there are

  • 2 minutes pushups,
    2 minutes sit-ups and
    2 mile of running,

Mainly every army consists these type of tests, It also contains physiological and drug and alcoholic test too.

In physical test for US Marine Corps (USMC) candidate must have good stamina and good physical conditioning,
the test is divided into 3 stages,


What is the Fitness gram and Fitness gram test.

FitnessGram is developed by THE COOPER INSTITUTE, 20 years ago.

FitnessGram is the best fitness assessment for youth. It includes many test to asses fitness of cardiovascular, muscular endurance, muscle strength and body composition.

To learn more about fitness gram, Click here.

What is the purpose of fitness training?

The main purpose of fitness training is to perform great, fitness is what that makes your brain and body strong if your brain is strong your body works great as well, the successful persons have an addiction of daily workout, it is impossible to fit in any work or field if you are not physically fit. Starting your fitness routine now,
also prevents disease, yes it is true that fitness training prevents you from disease, and it boosts your immune system, the fitness training is great to shape your life. It reduces the risk of diabetes, loss of muscle mass, heart disease, stroke, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, arthritis, or osteoporosis.
You can join any fitness program in your city, there are lots of programs going on every day.
You can join a gym, or start by simple jogging or running.

Fitness training makes your mood better and it makes you relax and good sleep, In research scientists found that if exercise 150 minutes (week), it may improve your 65% of sleep.

Don’t forget to take proper protein. It will make your muscles and bones strong.


What is OVER THIKING and how to overcome?

If your age is between 18-22 you literally fall in first love. Everyone has experienced, This golden period of their time. You’ll never forget this time. 

There will be many up and down during this time period and you feel emotional about everything. Sometimes it feels good and sometimes it feels very bad. In my life, that age period was a lesson and medicine of success for me.

There’s no difference between failing a business or falling in love and breakups. Believe me, these all are the same, when our brain expects more from someone and we didn’t get anything like we expected, at this place, it will change our way of thinking or it will increase our drinking bills. Don’t get into overthinking, Yes you can think but for a valid reason and for self-improvement, but don’t think about failures and breakups, Guys these all things are only for learning. 

Do you know what’s the two best things about a time? Time is the best teacher then your school teacher and best healer then medicines, always remember that every that exists in the world will not remain the same. Even the world didn’t remain as it was before.

If you are overthinking and you’re seeking advice from everyone around you and they are saying that go for a doctor, go for a drive, do social gathering or do gaming, Believe me, it won’t help you until you push yourself towards those things that may excite you.

Everything around us changes our way of thinking, every person has their own way of thinking, If I like swimming that doesn’t mean that other person next to me or you also like it, maybe you like racing, hiking or cycling, So people are not living in your brain, only you know what you, and if you are not getting any solution stay calm and be patient your solutions and opportunities are near around you.

Don’t name it depression name it as maturity. Don’t get confused. 

Yes it is, If you are not liking what you liked before so man! That’s your step further to maturity which means your brain observed something better than this. Our brain will never go for “2ND CLASS” when we’ve a “1st class” option available. 

After every month or every 6 months or after year you’ll experience this type of feeling, do you have noticed that if you are out for a trip and that trip has gone great, then coming home after that, you’ll feel emptiness in yourself for some days, But if your trip was too bad you feel very great after coming home.

That is called a life experience, that tells you what is better and what is wrong, what’s better for you, and what’s not. So there was no one to makes you feel great or empty, Then why are you begging for advice. 

Advice is the most giving thing in the world, and most denying too, seriously every one love to take advice but there are few advices that we can follow or reliable advice.

Bro tip: whenever you have got angry or rude, just close your eyes and smile you’ll feel best in a second.

If you are angry and your mood is not good or you are overthinking, Just go for a walk or go to a gym and workout you can also hang out with friends if they are not toxic, many people spit poison from words stay away from them, Sometimes they are the reason of overthinking.

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